Oct 20, 2019

That was satisfying.


I can just hear John Sterling screaming that one. I fucking hate the Yankees.

There I said it.

You know I was a Yankee fan through the eighties into the nineties and after the ’95 season I switched allegiances to the Mets and truthfully, I’ve never been sorry about it.

As much as I may despise the Wilpons at times, I truly hated George Steinbrenner. When the unceremoniously showed Don Mattingly the door, got rid of Mike Stanley, Randy Velarde, Jack McDowell and let go of Buck Showalter I was done.

Say what you will about Joe Torre but he inherited a good team from Showalter, don’t kid yourself.

I used to go to bunches of Yankee games each year but the one thing I noticed was more and more as the team got better it became ever more embarrassing to go to a game with women or kids. I know it was around this time that the Yankees got rid of their ushers for the most part and replaced them with NYPD which you’d think would have made a great difference in the rowdiness at the games but if anything it only got worse.

I can remember taking a woman from work and being really red faced when a group of ten plus guys in the same section used the game as an excuse to get totally blotto and thought it was totally appropriate to shout out all manners of profanity regardless of who was around them.

I’m not some kind of delicate flower either, if anything I am a maestro of the creative use of profanity but you have to learn to pick your moments.

Anyway, the first thing I noticed once I became a Mets fan was that overall the atmosphere at the ballpark (Shea Stadium then) was just a lot calmer, a lot nicer and a lot more family friendly.

Now it’s two decades plus later and I’ve gone to World Series games and playoff games that the Mets have played and they’ve been terrific. The thing I like the best about the Mets is that right now, at this moment without people realizing it they have a really good team. They did well this year IN SPITE of the injuries they had and a lot of that talent is homegrown too.

The biggest question now is whether or not they’ll finally hire a former Yankee to manage them and if you think about it... the record of former Yankees who have managed the Mets is a pretty good one - Casey Stengel, Yogi Berra and Willie Randolph.

Anyway, seeing the Yankees blow it and miss going to the World Series is fun to watch. It just is. It means a winter of listening to Yankee fans crow goes up in smoke now and if anything just gives one more ammunition for the many ways they’ve choked over the last 20 years now.

Put it this way, since their 2000 win against the Mets in the World Series, the Giants, the Cardinals and the Red Sox have won more World Series titles than the storied Yankees.

Oh, I can’t stand it... I have to go and cry some crocodile tears.

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